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How to Improve Energy Efficiency with a Home Solar System

Newcastle home owner Peter wanted a reliable solar system to reduce the size of his carbon footprint and save money on his power bill! He needed a solar energy setup that would maximise space, increase self-consumption to reduce how much electricity he needed to purchase each quarter and that he could monitor remotely.

Peter contacted Delta Electrical & Solar about his energy needs and clean energy ambitions for his home. We made the arrangements to commence a site inspection, which we use to gather critical information that will determine the best size and design of a residential solar system. We take into consideration a variety of factors, including:

  • Home Orientation – determining the North-facing side of your home tells us which directions your roof surfaces are facing, which will determine the best position for your solar panels in relation to the sun’s trajectory – especially in the cooler months with shorter days.
  • External Shading Devices – home owners will often use external shading devices – most commonly trees – to assist with passive cooling of the house in the Summer months. When considering the placement of your solar panels, we can take this into account, i.e. are there any trees or tall structures around the home that might shade parts of the roof. 
  • Roof Space – the amount of available roof space that is suitable for solar panels is really important. This will determine how many panels you can include in your home solar system.

Once we have gathered all the relevant information from the site inspection, we combine those findings with an optimised solar design and satellite imagery software Pylon, which enables us to understand in depth customer consumption patterns and how to maximise self-consumption as well. The end result was a custom quote for Peter on his future home solar system, tailormade to meet the unique needs of his home and energy consumption.

Peter was thrilled with his quote and that we could generate important information, such as installation information regarding position and shading issues, as well as return on investment of his solar system. Our inspection and quoting process gave Peter all the information he needed to help him make the best possible decisions on his solar installation.

Now, Peter can enjoy the benefits of his SolarEdge solar system, which utilises smart technology in their solar panels.


Stockon, New South Wales



Delta Electrical have been really good to deal with and have been highly professional from the start to finish.


The after sales service has been fantastic even going to the effort showing me how I can use the monitoring system to get the most from my solar.


I would highly recommend Delta to anyone looking to get solar.


Home Owner, Stockon - Newcastle

SolarEdge Smart Solar Panels

The SolarEdge range of solar technology provide streamlined installations and creates highly efficient energy systems. Part of their technology range includes Smart Panels, where each PV panel is connected to an intelligent electronic chip called a Power Optimiser that maximise solar energy production from each panel separately and reducing power losses. Effectively, this means that an individual panel can underperform and it will not affect the performance of any other panels in the string.

Solar System Installation Challenges

The biggest challenge Peter faced with his Stockton home was roof orientation, which is important for maximising sun exposure on your solar panels. Solar panels can only convert so much energy, so the more sun exposure they can get for longer periods, the more energy they can produce. For this reason, north-facing roof space is optimal for increasing energy production. 


Peter’s home has limited north-facing roof space and a challenging width and pitch angle, so in order to meet his energy needs we decided to use the narrow western-facing roof space, combined with a smaller section of north-facing roof. Our professional solar installers met these challenges and exceeded expectations with a flawlessly installed solar system that Peter is proud to have on his home.

Energy Monitoring with mySolarEdge App

Peter, like many other home solar customers, took advantage of the advanced technology of the SolarEdge range. All SolarEdge home solar systems can be used with the mySolarEdge app, available on Android and iOS.


This app will provide Peter with advanced monitoring options that track and report the performance of each panel within his system. The app includes exceptional safety features and a suite of integrated smart energy solutions, which Peter is now using to further maximise his energy production, self-consumption and energy savings.


Using the app, Peter has been able to capitalise on the sun during the day time hours, automating his spa and appliances to run during energy production hours, making them effectively cost-free to use.

SolarEdge Around The World

SolarEdge is a world leader in solar technology and professional training, delivering PV systems for long-term benefits for the environment and energy savings for customers.


As a leading electrical and solar installer, Delta are proud to use SolarEdge technology in our installations. We are equipped and ready to assist you on making a solar investment in your home and future.


You can see more examples of other SolarEdge sites around the world and why their technology is best option for your home.