Newcastle Solar Power Installers

We would highly recommend Delta Electrical & Solar, very reliable, honest and willing to help. Did a great job installing our Solar. By installing Solar, we have halved our energy bills! Always on time, super reliable and friendly team. Thank you!

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Trusted Solar Partners

Solar Power Newcastle

Our team are qualified Newcastle Electricians specialise in solar power and solar batteries. As accredited solar installers, we ensure every project is completed to the highest standard. We only work with the best solar and battery brands available in Australia, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to solar power. That is why we spend the time with you to find the best solar solution for your home. Our team take the time to explain the options so you can make an informed decision. We work with families and businesses who want to save money and live more sustainably. 

Solar Power Systems Newcastle

At Delta Electrical & Solar, we offer the best solar power systems in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. When installing solar power at your home you want to know they will provide benefit for years to come. In the past 10 years serving Newcastle, we know exactly what is to get the best out of solar for your home. Our whole team take pride in being leaders in solar in Newcastle. 

Newcastle Solar Power Installers

We don’t sub-contract, we employ all our own local electricians. When you get a solar quote from Delta Electrical & Solar, it is our certified qualified electricians that install your job.  While many solar companies in Newcastle have come and gone over the years, Delta Electrical & Solar has been here provide superior service to Newcastle for over 10 years.


Newcastle Solar Power Prices



Bronze Solar Package Includes:

  • 6.66kw solar power
  • Quality installation
  • 10 year warranty on inverter
  • 18 x Winaico 370w Split cell solar panel
  • 15 year solar panel warranty
  • Production monitoring
  • Guaranteed to save you money



Sungrow SG5K-D Premium Inverter

18 x Winaico 370w Split Cell Solar Panels

$9500  $8,600 including GST
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* Indicative prices based on a standard solar installation

* Prices are with STC Rebate applied (AKA: Govt Rebate)


Silver Solar Package Includes:

  • Quality installation
  • 12 year warranty on inverter
  • 20 x Winaico 370w Split cell solar panel
  • 25 year solar panel warranty
  • Production monitoring
  • Guaranteed to save you money

Solar Edge - Silver Package


SolarEdge 6kw Energy Hub Single Phase Invertor

20 x Winaico 370w Split Cell Solar Panels

$12,500  $11,000 including GST*

* Indicative prices based on a standard solar installation

* Prices are with STC Rebate applied (AKA: Govt Rebate)


Gold Solar Package Includes:

  • Quality installation
  • 12 year warranty on inverter
  • 20 x  REC Alpha 370w – Best panel money can buy!
    Split cell solar panel
  • 25 year solar panel warranty
  • Consumption + Production + Panel monitoring
  • Guaranteed to save you money


SolarEdge Energy Hub Single Phase Invertor

20 x  REC Alpha 370w – Best panel on market

$13,500  $13,900 including GST*

* Indicative prices based on a standard solar installation

* Prices are with STC Rebate applied (AKA: Govt Rebate)

Solar Battery Newcastle

A solar battery is more affordable than you think. We can easily provide you with a wide range of options to suit your needs including home power back up.


Unlike other providers, Delta Electrical & Solar supplies and installs your solar panels and battery. It is not uncommon for other solar companies to provide the solar system materials and rely on contractors to implement and complete the installation. However, at Delta we install it, and when we’re finished, we’ll commission the system and show the customer it’s working. 


Once the work is approved, we then have to turn it off, and the customer will have to wait up up to 30 days before their electricity provider (organised by the customer) is able to swap the meter over.

Secure Your Energy with a Solar Battery

A DC coupled solution allows for high system efficiency. The PV power generated by your solar panels is stored directly in the battery meaning there is no additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC. Panel-level power optimisation is also installed which enables your solar system to develop more power.


Delta Electrical and Solars single inverter design for the PV, storage and backup power enables us to install the entire system within 4 weeks after the approval from Ausgrid. As solar systems are installed outdoors, this allows for flexibility in battery location. As there are no special wires required (utilises the same PV cables), the closer the battery is to the solar panels, the easier the entire system is to install.

When we install your battery, we ensure that it is fully visible and easily accessible. This serves many benefits! Firstly, it allows the customer to make smarter energy consumption choices in order to reduce electricity bills by having the ability to monitor the battery status, PV production and self-consumption data. The client is also able to monitor battery energy levels and remaining hours of backup power, making it easy for them to calculate just how much energy they are either using from the grid or sending back.

PV array and battery voltage is designed to reduce to a safe voltage upon an AC shut down when it is not in backup mode.This ensures that your house is protected as well as anyone from Ausgrid working on powerlines.

Secure Your Energy with Solar Batteries

Complete your home solar power system with solar batteries! Using solar batteries as part of your solar system will take your energy use to the next level while continuing to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar batteries allow you to store excess energy produced by your system, before it gets sold to the grid, and ensures you can use more of the energy you produce – whether it’s night or day, rain or shine.

Accredidated Clean Energy Council Solar Designer & Installer

Delta Electrical & Solar has been recognised as an accredited The Clean Energy Council accredited solar designer and installer.  Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognises people who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.


By choosing an approved Clean Energy Council Solar Installer, you are dealing with a company that provides a minimum five-year whole of system and installation warranty and has committed to a high level of customer service.


Frequently asked questions regarding solar power systems

  • We only ever use our own qualified staff to install your solar! No subcontractors like most other solar companies. This means we take pride in our work and we do not get incentives to rush a job.
  • We always use high quality and financially supported brands.
  • What does this mean? It means if any part of your system fails your warranty will be covered!
  • After Sales Service.
  • If you ever need to ask a question about your system after the job is completed we are always happy to help out.

Whilst there are numerous high quality brands of solar panels on the market, Delta Electrical & Solar will always recommend REC solar.

Although they are positioned towards the higher end of the spectrum, they come with a 20 year warranty, compared to other more affordable brand that offer 10-15 years warranty. To help you afford the REC solar panels, we can offer interest free payment plans.

At Delta Electrical & Solar, when we install your REC solar panel system you get an additional 5 years warranty as we are authorised partners - that’s a total of 25 years product warranty!

We offer many other solar solutions for our customers, which include but are not limited to – Jinko solar , Winaico Solar. We do not sell LG solar panels. See us in action installing REC twin peak solar panels in our video here!

There are 2 main types of rooftop solar panels: Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline.

There are lots of technical differences between the two types in the manufacturing process, but when it comes to the end user and the efficiency of each panel, the difference is minimal.

The main difference to the end user is the way it looks.

Think of your inverter as the heart of your system — it’s one of the smallest components in the overall cost but the most critical. The inverter converts DC power produced from your rooftop solar panel and converts it into usable AC power for you home.

A standard string inverter in the most common inverter used for solar systems worldwide. It uses the simplest of technologies and therefore is the most cost effective solution. The Disadvantage of a standard string inverter is the level of monitoring it provides and less efficient in shady areas in comparison to micro or power optimisers commonly know as MLPEs.

The benefit of using a MLPE such as SolarEdge power optimisers are the individual control of each solar panel. When using MLPEs the solar panel in individually monitored and controlled meaning if shade from trees or even a cloud.

Depending on the size of the solar system you wish to install, depends upon the amount of roof space that is required. On an average house, Delta will install approximately 20 panels, which equates to six kilowatts. In order to receive more power per square metre, we install a 300 watt high efficiency panel.

If your house is small house with minimal roof space, we can upgrade to a go super-efficient panel in order to further maximise the power per square metre. We will always try to install as many panels onto your roof as possible!

The bigger, the better!

Although this is governed by the size of your roof, ideally you want to fit as many panels onto the north, east and west sides of your house. With the price of batteries currently dropping, larger battery sizes are now more affordable than ever. You do however need to generate enough solar energy to charge the battery, in addition to operating your household items throughout the day.

When it comes to choosing the size of your solar system, you always want to look into the future.

In five years time, you may want to install a air conditioner. You want to make sure that the size of the system you install now will be large enough to cover this increased energy usage. With electric cars also entering the market, charging your car at home will require a large amount of electricity.

The extra bonus is, if you generate an excess of power, you will be reimbursed from sending the electricity back to the grid! Win, win!